Saturday, July 19, 2014

All's quiet on the northeren front

Some exciting progress to be had by I and the boys at Ravania Entertainment. We had a little ol' sit down the other day and talked about the things we wanted to do and see in the near future. One such item was the creation of a website.

Right now we've got a Facebook page, which you can find here if you haven't already found it, and you know, it works pretty good for what we use it for. We've been using it to post our regular comic updates, our book launch announcements, and generally anything we may feel like posting.

All in all, it's a pretty neat little facebook page, and I think we're using it pretty good. However, it's not every organized. After we post something, and a suitably long time passes, whatever we wanted to draw your attention to is quickly lost in the torrent of updates. So, you know, not ideal.

Thus we decided that a website would be pretty swish. We had one once before, but it was focused on Genesis Project. Genesis Project is a fantastic universe created by our glorious leader, Aaron Smith, but in the time since the old website to today, we've come up with many other intellectual properties and now need a little more than just the one site. Thus is born our soon to be launched new website.

The new site will serve as a central hub for all of our endeavors, the one stop shop if you will, which will whisk you away to which ever part of our tiny empire you may wish to visit. I'm very excited to show this thing off, as I made it myself.

Well that's a bit untrue, I had a little help, namely the Go Daddy web page builder. That thing is seriously slick. I made the page in a day. Granted, I can almost guarantee you I'll be making changes to it after it launches, but it was really easy all in all which was cool.

I just wish it was ready to go now, cause then I'd just link it right now. But alas, I am waiting on a single picture. Oh well.

Till next time!

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