Monday, July 21, 2014

My kingdom for an old dog.

Hello everybody, resident part time Wizard here. You know, from Ravania Entertainment? Never heard of it? Well check it out here then.

Other than bragging about my my newly crafted website, I've had a lot on my mind recently. Hopefully this might translate into some more regular posts on this here blog thingy, or at the very lest into some productive action and book related writing.

So I find myself today sitting in a living room that is not my own, listening to a dog bark in it's sleep, a dog that is also not my own, while watching a documentary on nutrition on a t.v. that is also not my own. That's an awful lot of things that are not my own. The reason for this is because I am house sitting for a friend. Thus far, it's a pretty easy gig, but the dog is a mixed bag. It's still a very young dog, and seems to have boundless energy... especially at night.

An example! Yesterday, we went for a nice long walk. As I am not it's normal master, it was a little more of a challenge than I would have liked, namely it was pulling on the leash more than I might have liked, which necessitated frequent stops for reminders of the command structure in this outfit. Anyway, eventually we finished this walk, and we got home, and the dog immediately went to it's cushion and fell asleep. I thought this was pretty rad, so I went off to bed myself, only to be woken frequently by said dog, who wished to be let in and out almost every hour through the night, though seemingly not to do it's business, but because it wanted to play. Needless to say I was not amused.

My body did not take well to this particular evening. I am a wreck today. My eyes are burning, my body hurts, and I've had more naps today than one could consider decent. To top things off, the thought of going on another walk makes me tired just thinking about, especially since it seemed to do jack all for the dogs energy level.

But I digress! My intent was not to complain about a dog which was not mine (though this reinforces my choice not to get a pet). Thinking on it though, I'm not sure what my purpose was, a fact which I may ascribe to my current lack of meaningful sleep.

Until next time, this is the part time wizard signing off. Man, I really thought I was going to say something about books or entertainment today...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

All's quiet on the northeren front

Some exciting progress to be had by I and the boys at Ravania Entertainment. We had a little ol' sit down the other day and talked about the things we wanted to do and see in the near future. One such item was the creation of a website.

Right now we've got a Facebook page, which you can find here if you haven't already found it, and you know, it works pretty good for what we use it for. We've been using it to post our regular comic updates, our book launch announcements, and generally anything we may feel like posting.

All in all, it's a pretty neat little facebook page, and I think we're using it pretty good. However, it's not every organized. After we post something, and a suitably long time passes, whatever we wanted to draw your attention to is quickly lost in the torrent of updates. So, you know, not ideal.

Thus we decided that a website would be pretty swish. We had one once before, but it was focused on Genesis Project. Genesis Project is a fantastic universe created by our glorious leader, Aaron Smith, but in the time since the old website to today, we've come up with many other intellectual properties and now need a little more than just the one site. Thus is born our soon to be launched new website.

The new site will serve as a central hub for all of our endeavors, the one stop shop if you will, which will whisk you away to which ever part of our tiny empire you may wish to visit. I'm very excited to show this thing off, as I made it myself.

Well that's a bit untrue, I had a little help, namely the Go Daddy web page builder. That thing is seriously slick. I made the page in a day. Granted, I can almost guarantee you I'll be making changes to it after it launches, but it was really easy all in all which was cool.

I just wish it was ready to go now, cause then I'd just link it right now. But alas, I am waiting on a single picture. Oh well.

Till next time!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We got our first review for one of our books over at Ravania Entertainment today.

It was a glowing review. 5 out of 5 stars. I have to say, I am very pleased, although not surprised by it. Poor Vance, the author of this particular book, has been a little more surprised by it. He even went so far as to say he was a little embarrassed by it. The poor chap just doesn't have the same faith in his writing as I do. But I think I've got enough to spare the both of us. I'll make him famous if I have to drag him into the spot light.

This positive start to our endeavors is quite a boon in my mind. As we launch the second book his series, I can use the glowing review as a piece of bait to get people to review the second book, and the first book if they passed on it the first time.

Right now my approach to marketing is really a item by item basis. Each item stands on it's own merits, and each item is treated separately. But that will change. Oh yes it will change. In one of our meetings, the Brothers Smith and I discussed the various brand strategies and agreed to a corporate brand idea. The idea in this case is that we have one brand, that being Ravania Entertainment, under which all our products are created. The advantage to this idea is that as we start to become a force to reckon with, then the mere fact that it has our brand on it will make the products worth giving a look.

Of course on the flip side, it also means that if we have a product that really flubs, it hurts our reputation. That said, I don't think that's going to be a problem. We've got a very talented bunch, and I don't think we'll be writing anything bad. Well, with one notable exception, but you'll see what that is later on. And it will be completely awesome. Bad, but awesome. Awesomely bad. Like a B-movie in book form.

Anyway, as part of our new branding strategy, I find myself trying to tie in my marketing ideas so that they grow the central brand and not just the individual products. Part of this is the need to have more products, and man are we going to be doing that! According to the big cheese himself, Aarron 'The Big Cheese' Smith, by the end of the year we will have no less then 16 different books published and ready to roll. By that point I won't be selling books, I'll be selling a catalog of books!

I am excited by this so very much. It will be a lot of work, but man will it be worth it. See that's the thing, I always thought I was a bad salesmen. Never liked sales in the least, but it turns out that's not quite the case. All I've needed is a product I believe in. And I believe in us. I believe in Ravania Entertainment.

So until next time, keep on keeping on!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So, this blog has been more or less inactive and underutilized. It first started it's life as a place for a very anxious younger me to use as a pulpit for the cause of common sense! If you don't believe me, you can check the archive.

But that's not what I want to use it for anymore. I don't need a pulpit. I just need a wall to scribble on.

So I'm now part of something really awesome. It's called Ravania Entertainment. I and my friends the Brothers Smith, are going to be building a entertainment company from the ground up. We're just starting and I am already super excited for what we've got on the horizon.

This is going to be a prime part of my life for some time to come. We've got plans, we've got lots of plans. My part in the grand design is that of a PR person and the Marketer. I'm in charge of making sure people know we exist!

I've already learned so much more about the world of marketing in the last few months then I ever picked up in years. Already my mind has started to look at the world differently.

That's a interesting thing about me. I can know nothing about a subject, but once I throw myself at it and start to pick it up, everything just starts to become so clear and my way at looking at things changes forever. Once, when I was a purchaser, I started to realize the difficulty of moving goods across country, and the logistics of supply and demand. Ever since then, I've tried to dissect supply chains to see how they work.

So the possibility of cracking the world of marketing and getting yet another window into the wonderful world of commerce is exiting to me.

Any-dang-way, this blog is now going to be my scribble wall as I go down this awesome new path. I'll post on my personal musings, though far less preachy then the three archive posts. I may even delete those posts and just have them live on my hard drive from here on in. It's not good to mix and match things like a personal blog and a preachy blog.

So till next time,

J.A.G. Fehr

Ravania Entertainment Facebook Page

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The many stages of a Non-Drunk Arlin.

Okay, so first off, this blog was originally a place for me to be all 'holier then thou' and try and change the world. If you want proof, read my other entries dated years ago. That didn't work so well (if the long date was any indication)

The new plan is to maybe just make people's lives better through humor. I think I can manage that. Sure I won't win any noble peace prizes, but then what would I do with them all? Cause you know, if I started winning them, I'd win all of them...

That was joke. Work with me.

Anyway, so today I went to the High School Prom. Rather, tonight. Also, it wasn't really my prom. It was the teenagers prom. I'm like 23. I was invited, and not having any untold millions with which to swim in for a good alternative, I decided to go.

It started off much like my last prom. I was sober as I so frequently am. (I never drink. REMEMBER THAT!) I was also serious. And more importantly, not really expecting to enjoy myself. I don't what it was back then, or now for that matter, but prom is never quite how I imagine it.

Flash back... five years. I was in the graduating class. Prom was coming up. I had a huge crush on a girl from out of town, so much so that I invited her to Prom, and then drove with a friend to GP to pick her up. We had a pretty good time. But I was expecting... I dunno... something romantic? Instead I get a non stop stream of filthy music and dirty music videos. Only a few good songs punctuated the prom. Still I managed to have a good time.

Not good enough for me and her though. As five years later (aka now) she is married and has two kids.

Now this time around, I'm not going to woo anyone, as I'm the one who's been invited, not doing the inviting. I am going not for myself, but to ensure that my date has a good time.

As I walk into a crowded hall full of energetic teenagers, I feel incredibly old. Like a fossil in a play ground. Yet despite my discomfort, none of them seem to notice. With the exception of a few joyful greetings to friends I know, I more or less blend in. Much to my relief.

I didn't know this right away though. The doors opened at 5:30, but the party didn't get started till 7:00. So I had a hour and a half to sit around and stew in my juices. I tried to make small talk, but my mind kept wandering to how out of place I was. I was sober, and nervous. Utterly afraid I would end the night in some brawl. Which of course I would win. Come all, I'll take all challengers!

No brawl though. I'll be honest, I think that's a good thing. I'd hate to sully my 'no fights' record now.

Now the party is getting started. The music is a combination of country, rap, and filthy rap. Oh wait... all the rap was filthy that night. Also, a little dance music, and filthy dance music. All of course liberally sprinkled with lewd music videos proudly displayed on two massive projector screens.

Obviously one could not sit these out. But I didn't want to seem like I was eager to dance to such... well... rubbish. So I hemmed and hawwed and generally stalled. Then Daft Punk came on. How could I miss that? Up I went like a shot. Then I did my white guy dance. Aka; dancing with no skill.

As I shuffled and bobbed crudely to the music, I realized, once more, how uncomfortable I was among all these surprisingly talented teenage dancers.

Little know fact about me, if in a large group, al la prom; the closer it gets to midnight, the more like a drunk I will seem.

Skip forward a bit, it's about 9 now. I am now, spontaneously, and unexpectedly, a dancer. My skills were furious, my moves were curious, my rhymes were injurious. Okay, so there were no rhymes. I wasn't a rapper, just a dancer.

Of on a ego trip here. I was seriously good! Like wow, I rocked. There was dance off, and I stood too the side and did nothing at all. Other then that though, I just let the beat flow through, and when my date, for a brief moment of two songs, actually started to mimic my dance moves; it was dancvana. (That's dance and Nirvana combined for those of you who need it spelled out.) I had not a care in the world, and my moves were slick. I was no Micheal Jackson, but if you had cut back five years, past me would have been staring in envy at present me. If you get my drift.

BACK ON TRACK! Anyway, so I had spontaneously become a good dancer. Even when we took five and sat back at our table, at least one part of my dancer anatomy would be keeping time with the music, be it my leg, my hand, or my head. I was in the zone. I was in control. The world was my oyster, and I was on a sea food binge.

Cut forward another hour. The drunkenness is now in full force. Two hours ago, I had asked my date how long she planned to stay, she had said till the end, in my mind I had shuddered. Now it was 10, and the prom was only scheduled till 11. I was genuinely not looking forward to having to quit.

I would stand with my date, and just dance. Sometimes no one would be around us. If past me had been there, he would have made a trip to the snack table while wishing he didn't know me. Past me was a bit of a coward.

At this point, I decided to really let loose. My tie came off, and found it's way onto my head. I had planned to whip my head around and make like a propeller, but visions of my tie flying off and landing on some teenage girl kept that from happening. Still, it was on my head. My collar was up, and my top button was undone.

By now, I could tell I was fully in my 'He looks drunk' stage. I was loving it too. I danced through four songs in a row. Non stop. I was on a roll. Then I found out that we were leaving at 10:30. I felt a twinge of regret. I downed half a can of sprite in one go, and then left the hall giggling.

What a night!

So remember, if you have Arlin to a party, he will get increasingly weird the later it gets. You have been warned. However, there most be a sizable group for this effect to take place. Among a small group, Arlin will remain completely sober. Frankly, I'm begining to wonder if I feed off other peoples party joy like alcohol.