Monday, February 23, 2015

Assorted madness

Good day readers. The Wizard reporting in!

I realize you haven't heard from me in some time, just been working on some lovely little writing projects. We've got a action packed year coming up for Ravania Entertainment. Of course by action packed, I just mean full of books.

Genesis Project is going to be flying off the ground this year, lots of books by the big cheese Aaron Smith, as well as many short story collections. GP has long been out flag ship line, but we've not had the books to back it up. We've had a lot of learning involved in this thing, and it's been a long road, but this year, we make it shine.

This is doubly exciting for me, and this is how I twist it back to me on my blog, because my fantasy novel is set in the GP universe. I am very excited for this book. It's all written, and mostly edited, I just need a cover. Well that, and the big cheese is going over it for me. It's going to rock.

In other news, my dear friend Vance is working on a story blog, it's called the Wish charmer saga. You can check it out here. It is shaping up nicely, and I really liked the format, so I've decided to one of my own.

Mine will be a comedic story about a mad scientist down on his luck. Hilarity will ensue. At least it will if I have any talent left. That'll be launching near the end of April, look forward to it!

The next thing on my list here is the great Johnny Mead. Johnny is a character in the Jack Lantern universe (Also done by vance, also totally awesome, check it here) who has been a long time waiting to see the light of day, but friends, that day will soon be upon us! Johnny will grace your lives with his overwhelming presence and will finally stop pestering me about it!

Well, I'll let you all know when that happens. For now, Wizard out!