Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So, this blog has been more or less inactive and underutilized. It first started it's life as a place for a very anxious younger me to use as a pulpit for the cause of common sense! If you don't believe me, you can check the archive.

But that's not what I want to use it for anymore. I don't need a pulpit. I just need a wall to scribble on.

So I'm now part of something really awesome. It's called Ravania Entertainment. I and my friends the Brothers Smith, are going to be building a entertainment company from the ground up. We're just starting and I am already super excited for what we've got on the horizon.

This is going to be a prime part of my life for some time to come. We've got plans, we've got lots of plans. My part in the grand design is that of a PR person and the Marketer. I'm in charge of making sure people know we exist!

I've already learned so much more about the world of marketing in the last few months then I ever picked up in years. Already my mind has started to look at the world differently.

That's a interesting thing about me. I can know nothing about a subject, but once I throw myself at it and start to pick it up, everything just starts to become so clear and my way at looking at things changes forever. Once, when I was a purchaser, I started to realize the difficulty of moving goods across country, and the logistics of supply and demand. Ever since then, I've tried to dissect supply chains to see how they work.

So the possibility of cracking the world of marketing and getting yet another window into the wonderful world of commerce is exiting to me.

Any-dang-way, this blog is now going to be my scribble wall as I go down this awesome new path. I'll post on my personal musings, though far less preachy then the three archive posts. I may even delete those posts and just have them live on my hard drive from here on in. (Now deleted forever HA! Aug 2014). It's not good to mix and match things like a personal blog and a preachy blog.

So till next time,

J.A.G. Fehr

Ravania Entertainment Facebook Page

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